Will I Regret Getting Invisalign? 

As I got older and started making money and seeing how nice it looks when you have good teeth, I went to see Dr. Vallejo and I shared my feelings with him. He told me that since my bottom teeth were crowded, food was getting stuck in between the teeth and that could lead to issues. After I told him that I wanted my teeth to be perfect, he told me that I should definitely get braces or Invisalign, and then when I finished, then I could fill in the chips I have in my teeth. I’m not sure where I got the chips but I do know I got one at Miami Seaquarium as a kid. I got so excited after seeing a dolphin jump in the air, that I kind of jumped and my tooth hit a metal pole that blocked you from the dolphins. I don’t support aquariums any more by the way. Dr. Freddy knew that I wasn’t going to get braces at 24 years old so he said that I should just get Invisalign.